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13 May

Carefully, one project at a time, copy your projects from the Luna work space to the Mars work space.

That way, you can fall back to Luna when you have problems with Mars. If you upgrade your Eclipse, it will be difficult to fall back when you want to (and you will).

Better is to create a new Eclipse instance and new (set of) workspace(s) for Mars.

Then either point to your existing Team repositories or import your existing projects.

I don't know about you, but my development environment is too important to risk upgrading.

Always create a new Eclipse directory and new Eclipse workspaces when you want to change your development environment.

Fifth, your downvote just cost you -2 rep I hope it was worth it. On 2012-07-17 a bug concerning the responsiveness of the UI was reported.

Four months later, around 2012-11-14 the first patch was released to the official update-site.

updating eclipse ubuntu-52

Upgrading to Neon, the corresponding repository is

Fortunately I don't have too much to add but it's no better than the old way of updating.

I tried to upgrade in the recommended way, by adding the repository links and doing an update, but then I got a lot of conflict messages.

I install Eclipse from the Software Center so it links up and will be updated with the rest of my software.

Because I am developing for Android, however, I have to install the ADT Plugin within Eclipse by going to Help Install new software (or something to that effect).