Updating fetch in plsql

30 Mar

For example, addresses (also called pointers) are not user-visible in PL/SQL. When the second batch is fetched in the loop, the rows go to positions 0 to 9; and so on. DATE_TABLE; indx NUMBER := 10; BEGIN c := DBMS_SQL. PARSE(c, 'select * from multi_tab order by 1', DBMS_SQL. As a result, there are some differences between the Oracle Call Interface and the In Oracle Database 11g, Release 1 (11.1), Oracle introduces a number of enhancements to DBMS_SQL to improve the security of the package. CLOSE_CURSOR(c); EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN IF DBMS_SQL. A current index into each array is maintained automatically. Therefore, commiting every so often would fix cause 1, but can do nothing about cause 2.

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The subquery must return exactly one row that includes all the columns listed.The column values returned by the subquery are assigned to the columns in the column list in order. WHERE search_condition Chooses which rows to update in the database table.The first value is assigned to the first column in the list, the second value is assigned to the second column in the list, and so on. Only rows that meet the search condition are updated.I've been dealing with this error off and on for the last 3 years and I just wanted to verify that my understanding of its cause is accurate.Cause 1) There is only one user logged into the database.