Updating library automation

23 May

Concourse, Windows library automation software is used by thousands of librarians across the country and internationally.

Concourse automates all of your library tasks for cataloging, circulation, searching, inventory and more.

In addition to a modern and beautiful new interface, M5 incorporates new features and functions, including autocomplete in the search bars, recommended readings, a digital gallery, and advanced search filtering designed to help library patrons more easily find what they are looking for. Working quietly in the background, M5 is powered by new SQL server software, which will enable Mandarin’s team of developers to make quicker and more frequent updates.Pakistan Library Automation Group (Pak LAG), a not-for-profit trust, came into existence in year 2000, when some young professionals from the field of Library & Information Science wanted to institutionalize their volunteer work to overcome the obstacles in the way of library automation.Lahore based activity soon spread all over the country and volunteers from other provinces and cities joined the efforts to promote the use of ICTs in libraries.A short questionnaire was prepared to collect data.The catalog module allows you to add one or more copies to specific catalog records and do basic and advanced searches.