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16 Mar

As regulatory agencies monitor patient outcomes, nursing practice should be driving improved patient care delivery, especially in critical care.

An assessment of critically ill patients in a 5-hospital system revealed an opportunity to improve patient outcomes.

Abbie Purney; Valley Health System, Las Vegas, NV Purpose: Improve patient outcomes by standardizing and implementing a nurse-driven progressive mobility program in the intensive care units (ICUs) for a 5-hospital system.

The entire process is complex and dynamic, where each phase influences the other.Finally, implement and manage sedation per recommended evidence-based practice guidelines.Description: Critical care patient outcomes are closely evaluated and analyzed for trends, variance in practice, and unfavorable outcomes.A retrospective review of ICU length of stay, ICU readmissions, patient ventilator days, and hospital-acquired pressure ulcers showed an increased trend for 4 out of the 5 hospitals in 12 months.A systematic and comprehensive progressive mobility program was developed by using the AACN’s ABCDE bundle.