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18 Mar

If you have applied for your relative's petition while you are a permanent resident, and later if you become a U. citizen, the petition can be upgraded for the relative's visa classification, without filing a new petition. However, the priority date cannot be ported from family based preference classification to employment based preference classification or vice versa.

Once a priority date is established in one family based preference classification, it can be recovered if the same beneficiary gets approved in another family based preference classification.

It's important to contact an immigration attorney, because criminal attorneys may not fully understand the consequences of the charges to your immigration status.

In addition, violating the law isn't limited to criminal offenses.

You may be deported even for civil offenses that require no jail time.

The rule is relatively simple, but determining what someone's intent is can be difficult. There is no hard rule, so don't plan on using this strategy to keep your green card.

If you fail to get a reentry permit, you must apply at a U. consulate abroad for a special immigrant visa as a returning resident. by Applying for Citizenship Finally, it's worth noting that one of the easiest ways to demonstrate that the U. is your intended permanent residence is to apply for citizenship. Violating the Law: General Guidelines The second way green card holders can lose their green card is by violating the law.