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21 Mar

Several years ago, Jerry Lewis, then in his early seventies, reportedly told an audience at the Aspen Comedy Festival that he didn’t much care for female comedians and couldn’t think of one who was any good.

Social media has been around since the dawn of the Web. The key innovation that launched the current vogue was a simple one: networking users and allowing them to interact the way we do in real life—or wish we could in real life. More recently, they have been able to upload photos, video, music, and so forth. [Emily and his son conveniently die in a car crash, since the Hays Production Code would never have allowed Kane to divorce Emily or marry while she was still estranged and alive.] Headlines "KANE MARRIES SINGER" dissolve into a post-wedding scene, as Susan and Kane come down stairs as newlyweds, crushed by swarming photographers and reporters.Armed with a cane, Kane fights them off as they force their way through the crowd to an open carriage.” I went for the 30-day free trial on Earth Link, and up popped a headline-news crawl.This provoked something of a flashback to 1997, when this innovation—basically, information you’ve requested being automatically delivered to your computer—was called “push technology” and was going to transform the experience of cruising the information superhighway. And good riddance.” In the Web hype-o-sphere, things matter hugely until, very suddenly, they don’t matter at all.