Validating xml in net 100 dating site usa

18 May

The W3C XML specification states that a program should stop processing an XML document if it finds an error.

As an open standard for structured, self-describing data, XML is ideal for cross-platform, language-neutral data representation in .

The schemas (or DTDs) needed for validation can be specified as can provide the schema to the parser.

If you don't specify any sources for the schema(s) then the parser or validator will try to resolve the URIs and "SYSTEM ID"s specified inside the document itself in order to find the schema document(s).

In this blog post, we will see how to create an XML schema file for an xml file and how to validate if a certain XML complies to our schema. Right click the solution explorer select add Existing file and select the xml file.

Open the file and choose from the menu XML -- Create Schema.