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03 Feb

That Elias Voorhees is apparently set to become a more prominent character in the upcoming film is not the lone story change here.

Also detailed in the casting call, Elias apparently senses something atypical in the young Jason, something innately evil that may have been affecting those around him even before he grew to become a feared killer.

", Kimmy is unsure who her father is (but is aware that his name starts with a "S" or a "5"), as he had sex with her mother in the bathroom of a Ruby Tuesday.

Also, revealed in the same episode, she was born on a rollercoaster during a tornado warning.

At some point, Kimmy found a rat from one of the vents, and realized the reverend was lying to them, but when she confronted him, he told her she could send out Cyndee all alone if she's so sure, and Kimmy, who was very attached to Cyndee, ended up deciding against it at the last moment.

After fifteen years in the bunker, the women were found and released, and made famous in the media as the "Indiana Mole Women", but Kimmy moved to New York City and went by the name "Kimmy Smith" to avoid the attention.

They were placed in a bunker near Durnsville and were told that the apocalypse had come and that everyone else was dead.I chose games that I thought would be fun (or funny to watch) and that could be done in couples.A few of them did end up being a single person playing, but it worked out well for us.This little detail may also be a clue that Elias himself may attempt to do something about the young Jason, though he may not be able to ultimately make much of an impact.Apart from the possible story details, there may also be other interesting news about the upcoming "Friday The 13th" reboot that fans will likely be glad to hear about. 13, though that premiere date may still be subject to change.