What to do on a first year dating anniversary

08 May

Since budgets and gift-giving traditions vary, we’ve suggested both inexpensive gestures and over-the-top ideas.Some of these ideas could work for more than one anniversary year, so if you need extra inspiration, read through the whole list.A couple celebrating anniversaries after that can start all over again!For each year, we give you not only the themes, but also gift suggestions you can really use.Married lives are marred with highs and lows that define a couple’s relationship.Anniversaries are days on which they can reflect upon these ups and downs, cherish cute memories and look back at all the funny incidents that have shaped their marriage.Make sure that the night is focused on one thing -- your relationship.As you enjoy your night out, talk about what your thoughts and feelings were when you first started dating.

It was arranged by our parents(pretty common in India.

Apart from your very own poem, shower the couple with beautiful messages, notes and quotes on Facebook and Pinterest.

Do everything you can to brighten this special day in their lives.

The lists of symbols and gifts for wedding anniversaries is often written and talked about. Dating anniversaries tend to be celebrated in months rather than years.

There does not appear to be a similar universally accepted gift guide or suggested list for dating anniversaries.