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12 Apr

The White Horse has recently been redated and shown to be even older than its previously assigned ancient pre-Roman Iron Age date.

More controversial are the Cerne Abbot Giant in Dorset and the enigmatic Long Man of Wilmington in Sussex.

This Zoroastrian Middle Persian term is a borrowing from Avestan dakhma, of uncertain meaning but related to interment and commonly translated as "grave".

In the Avesta, the term is pejorative and does not signify a construction of any kind.

As the lines of the horse consist of chalk-filled trenches dug in the hillside, it has been possible to apply OSL testing to the soil between the lower layers of that chalk.• TBD Yukon board members will be elected in May 2017 to serve one and...The Yukon Quest Story Contest is complete for another year, having received a phenomenal 90 submissions! Though on the Berkshire Downs, the White Horse has been in Oxfordshire since county boundary alterations in the 1970s.With its uniquely elegant lines, at around 3000 years old the Horse is now also thought to be the oldest hill figure in the country.