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29 Jan

The funeral was in her home town of Brighton, where she also buried her brother, Tim, a few years ago.

This time, it was the death of an old family friend she had known since childhood.

“I was at one the other day and the funeral director winked and said, 'We must stop meeting this way, Miss Redman.

It’s getting to be a habit...’” Beneath the dark humour, however, it is clear that Redman has been through the mill.

Amanda Redman MBE has been thinking a lot about mortality recently; her own and other people’s.

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She received BAFTA TV Award nominations for At Home with the Braithwaites (2000–03) and Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This (2014).The 23-year-old actress is the daughter of one of Britain’s best-loved actresses, Amanda Redman (star of BBC1’s New Tricks), or, as Emily affectionately calls her, the Glamazon. But I was thinking, “I’ve got to go to school tomorrow!‘When I was a child I can remember that if Mum was getting ready to go to a showbiz do, the air would be filled with that smell. It brings back so many memories.’There are memories, too, of her famous mother getting a lot of attention at the school gate. ”’Although she describes her teenage self as the classic ugly duckling, today at our photo shoot – the first in her career as a professional actress – it’s clear that she’s now a swan, with curves where God intended them to be.It was totally shocking because at that moment he was as alive as you and me.You’d hardly have known anything was wrong with him.