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16 Mar

While the rumors and buzz have been circulating around the golf world for the past 20 months or so, the true “coming out party” took place at this winter’s PGA Merchandise show as the new network undauntedly pitched their booth right next to incumbent competitor, the Golf Channel.

Unlike the Golf Channel, however, Back9 is positioned as a lifestyle and entertainment network, looking well beyond tournament golf.

At age seven, Natalie won her first tournament and began breaking par by the time she was ten years old (try not to think about that when you’re 11 over through 7 holes this weekend).

With one LPGA Tour victory and three Wendy’s 3-Tour Challenge wins under her belt, Gulbis has established herself as a seriously credible competitor, but with everything from sexy calendars, video games, her own reality TV show, and a stint on the Celebrity Apprentice, on her resume; it’s evident that Natalie has truly transcended golf.

But launching a cable network isn’t easy and the risks are many. Cable industry consolidation has made it harder for newcomers to compete and even someone with Oprah’s loyal consumer base failed to accurately understand the fickle, consumer side of the equation.

The challenge for Back9 will be to provide engaging content for a non-niche, mass audience that is strapped for time and has multiple viewing options on multiple platforms. Does the research show sufficient demand for Back9’s content?

Nobody wanted to watch." It was an offensive remark showing little respect for the women who toiled here in Australia and internationally so the likes of Rawson could make a comfortable living playing the sport professionally.

In 2003, she finished runner-up at the British Girls Amateur Championship and won the European Team Championship as a member of Team Spain in 2004.Given the often all too literal mentions of stiff shafts, threesomes, and “getting it in the hole,” it’s always quite surprising to us that the topic of golf rarely conjures up thoughts of bikini-clad hotties.With all the short skirts, tight shirts, and gratuitous instagram “selfies” surrounding the sport, it’s utterly tragic how golf’s hottest women are so often overlooked by public consciousness.Recari was also a member of Team Europe in the 2005.Born and raised in the Sacramento, CA, Gulbis started playing golf at the age of four.