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03 May

Soon news filtered out that his wife was the one who had filed for divorce and that she had sought spousal support as well as primary physical custody of their two children with visitation rights for their father.

The specific details of the divorce agreement included a single payment of US0,000, monthly spousal payment of US,000 and monthly child support of US,000.

The other is to teach you how to be a pack leader, and achieve balance and harmony with your dogs.

It is my hope that my work on TV will prevent the deaths of so many innocent dogs.

Cesar met his wife, Ilusión Wilson of Mexican-American origin, when she was an attractive 17 year old girl, at an icing rink.

They got married in 1994 and had two sons, André and Calvin.

The magazine ceased publication after its November/December 2014 issue.

With Ilusión Millan, his former wife, he founded the Millan Foundation – later renamed the Cesar Millan Foundation and currently called the Cesar Millan PACK Project.

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Other kids would bully me and call me el perrero—"the dirty dog boy." But I tried to not let the negativity get to me, and for my 13th birthday my wish was to become the best dog trainer in the world.

Mexican American Cesar Millan, might have the magic touch as far as understanding dogs and modifying dog behavior is concerned, but the same cannot be said regarding his talent in understanding woman, specifically his ex-wife, Ilusión!

When Cesar saw TV series like Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, the once poor boy started transforming his poverty stricken life in Mexico into a hugely successful one in the US, as a highly effective dog trainer.

By Cesar Millan I am Cesar Millan and I have two missions.

One is to confront the global issue of canine abandonment by giving “unadoptable” dogs a second chance at life.