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31 Jan

Well, new DNA results this week involving her grandmother and Billy's mother will cause a seismic shift in relationships... However, in real life, Clementine has gone through drama of another kind.A recent interview with Diva UK Magazine, whose cover headline touted: "Clementine Ford Comes Out" left a bit of mess for the actress to clean up.They told me it's going to be one of the hardest jobs I've ever had, especially, the first little while 'til I hit my stride. Mac comes back during the wedding of her ex-Billy and Chloe. What prompts her return is she has heard that her grandmother might be alive, and she wants to find out for herself. " You are working with a daytime living legend, Jeanne Cooper as Katherine. One thing that I loved was some of my initial scenes with Jess and Jeanne. " The L Word was groundbreaking at the time for television with an all-lesbian story. I don't think it should be 'groundbreaking'; it should not be made into a 'thing'.This has been someone who is so important in her life and she comes back, and that is the only agenda. I could not remember the back-story, but all I had to do was look into their eyes and pay attention, and I knew immediately what the history was. There should be gay couples on television and lesbian and transgender people on television. It's exciting that it was groundbreaking, but now where do we go?You have a couple of weirdos in Australia i’m familiar with…

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In the interview, Milo talks about his recent ban on twitter, and why misandrists like Clementine Ford are never at risk of losing their twitter account. “What’s remarkable, is how the suspensions, the punishments, the de-verifications all go in one direction. Best known for her role as Molly Kroll and as the eldest daughter of Hollywood favorite Cybill Shepherd, Clementine's foray into daytime is one of the most highly anticipated of the soap season.For those who need a refresher course on Mac… she is the ex-girlfriend of Billy Abbott, who ran away to Darfur when it was revealed that they were cousins (shortly after they were married).Her desire from her early age was fulfilled when she won “Miss Teenage Memphis” in 1966. After that movie, she got a lot of offers from many producers. Because of this reason, most of her movies are of tremendous success.In 1976, she worked in yet another successful movie “Taxi Driver” where she played the role of Betsy.