Who is dan howell dating

14 May

Lori Greiner source: keyword Lori and Daniel are a perfectly compatible pair.

Lori’s husband, Dan Greiner is an owner, CFO, COO and founder of Lori Greiner Company.

Lori is blissfully married to the love of her life, Dan Greiner. Greiner came into fame for being the better half of world famous American entrepreneur and television personality, Lori Greiner.

Greiner was the one who supported Lori throughout her inventing tenure.

Lori works for the development and sale of over 500 product creations on QVC, a TV home shopping network.

She made a first appearance on QVC in fall of 1998.

Dan and Phil eventually ran out of You Tubers, and now tend to do the show every week themselves, with the rare occasion of a You Tuber, which most of the time has already appeared on the show, reappearing. As of the 1st of May 2017, Dan has changed all Social Media over to the handle Daniel Howell and has announced that this will now be his permanant handle for the forseeable future however nothing else will change and Dan will keep to his previous way of things.

He is a part of the "Fantastic Foursome", with Phil Lester (Amazing Phil), Chris Kendell (Crabstickz) and PJ Liguori (Kickthe PJ).

Though Lori doesn’t have children, she is still happy and enjoys her husband's company.He started making videos when a few friends, including Phil Lester, convinced him to upload videos to his own channel.Dan attended Manchester University in 2010, studying Law, but dropped out after a year, as he realized law was not a path he was able to take, and it made him upset and angry.Read More Juggling a full load of college classes is hard enough, but add to that a full-time job and a leadership position within a fraternity, and you'd barely have time to breathe, let alone have the energy to take care of everyday tasks like laundry and dishes.Read More "This is not a departure from the history and the positive legacy that the Food Bank has," executive director Carlos Rodriguez said during a Tuesday morning unveiling of the organization's new identity.