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11 May

A bizarre lyric video features tiny meals being made in a mini-house for a rodent. Living our lives through a lens," Perry sings over a reggae-flavored beat.

Expect a new album, also featuring her Olympic single "Rise," later this year.

So maybe she's tipping her hand by deciding to date men.

Katy Perry is back with a new song "Chained to the Rhythm," co-written by Sia and featuring Bob Marley's grandson Skip Marley.

Tonight, the judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. There are five ways for you to vote for your favorite contestants competing in a voting episode on AMERICAN IDOL 15: (1) Super Vote App; (3) Google Search Voting; (4) Text Vote (SMS); or (5) Toll-free Voting, each asdescribed here. Jlo loved the arrangement and her control, but felt she could punctuate the big notes even more. This performance is full of pitch problems and sung by the numbers. Only when she quits thinking about the notes, says Kelly, will she be able to connect emotionally to her performance. His pitch was better than usual tonight, but I didn’t get the sense he had a clue what the song is about. Watch your pitch, he warns (His voice is probably still changing! Jlo says to make sure he choose songs that mean something to him so the performances are impactful. Ryan tries to interview Chris, but mic fail interferes. “Cut her some slack.” Kelly is really adding an interesting perspective, as someone who has been there and done that. Keith calls it “electric barnyard.” Jlo thinks he has a lot of heart. FYI: Dalton puts his eyeliner on the night before so it smudges perfectly. Kelly warns that she might cry during her live performance…Tristan Mc Intosh – Nothin’ Like You by Dan Shay – She’s been watching American Idol religiously. She’s got to pick songs that mean something to her. She notes the youngish Top 10 as if it was just dawning on her. – Text 8 to 21523 – 1866-436-5708 – Click to Watch La Porsha Renae’s Performance VIDEOSonika Vaid – Bring Me To Life by Evanescence – Her mom watched American Idol more than she did! I have NEVER seen Sonika so loose and free on stage. She’s got a great voice, but has been tentative and unsure in performance. – Text 9 to 21523 – 1866-436-5709 – Click to Watch Sonika Vaid’s Performance VIDEOTrent Harmon – Like I Can by Sam Smith – – A tornado almost interfered with an American Idol finale!

eliminate FOUR contestants from the Top 14 after last night’s nationwide vote. Viewers will be able to submit up to 10 votes per contestant per Facebook account (Super Vote), Google Search, Text Vote and Toll-Free voting! Kelly loved the big parts, but loved the subtle beginning, which she calls “tasteful.” Harry loved her head voice in the beginning “You did everything you needed to do.” – Text 1 to 21523 – 1866-436-5701 – Click to Watch Olivia Rox’s Performance VIDEOIn a little video clip, Kelly reflects on the risk she took singing THAT high note on Natural Woman…Gianna Isabella – Listen by Beyonce – She and her mom watched Idol in the RV during a Brenda K Starr tour. She keeps taking on big songs she has no idea how to sing. JLO SHE HAS PERFORMED JUST LIKE THIS ALL ALONG YET YOU PIMPED HER INTO THE TOP 10. – Text 3 to 21523 – 1866-436-5703 – Click to Watch Lee Jean’s Performance VIDEOChris Medina is in the audience! In house mentor, Scott Borchetta is noncommittal when asked by Ryan if he has his eye on any of the singers. It’s a bland pop song that doesn’t give her the opportunity to show off her R&B chops. Harry notes her “cool vibe” but wasn’t sure about the half time groove. Keith felt her nerves in the verse, but then she loosened up. – Text 4 to 21523 – 1866-436-5704 – Click to Watch Avalon Young’s Performance VIDEODalton Rapattoni – Hey There Delilah by Plain What Ts – Chris Daughtry was his guy during season 5! Winner David Cook has inspired the way he approaches covers. Kelly says it’s rare that singers are as comfortable on stage as Dalton. – Text 5 to 21523 – 1866-436-5705 – Click to Watch Dalton Rapattoni’s Performance VIDEOKelly sang THREE Aretha Franklin songs throughout the season 1 competition! Kelly remembered her being lost in the moment at the piano. “I want to hear you sing a song you’ve really felt,” she says. After, Kelly is standing and is all “WHAT WHAT WHAT.” The crowd is on their feet. She digs into the song, finally tapping into something deep inside herself. He remembers David Archuleta singing “Imagine” and after he sang it to the cows forever.

"We were the two that were doing it all night, and we would even rehearse together.

We were from the same state [of Mississippi], so we had a unique relationship.